Sunday, March 18, 2012

Holi Festival 2012

Holi Festival

the beautiful festival of colours! 

According to Rahul SK, Holi festival is a Spring festival, celebrated at the last day of lunar. It is celebrated by the North Indian community in Malaysia. This event was held in  Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Kuala Lumpur, situated in Jalan Ipoh, KL, near KL Performing Arts Centre. 

It was my first time participating in Holi Festival and I really don't know what to expect. I didn't managed to get my circle of friends to join but I went ahead anyway. I heard so much about it from Rahul and Imran and I didn't want to miss the fun. :)

Glad I did. 'Cos I had such a jolly good time playing I didn't bother snapping much pictures! 

Below shows the dude's attempt to shake his hand with me when Magnus Belaun attacked! ;O
(Photo grabbed from facebook of Christian Bjerknes.)

Here's a picture of me dripping wet after Rahul dunk a pail of colour water over me. 
(Photo grabbed from facebook of Christian Bjerknes.)

The guys I met at Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, Magnus and Rahul. Look at my silly face! I certainly had a blast with them! ;D
(Photo grabbed from facebook of Christian Bjerknes.)
This was after the event. When everyone washed up, except me, heh.
They are from Couchsurfers! 

The water gun sure is handy! :)

It was plain silly and fun. We go around painting random strangers with the colourful powder, showered in public, dance to the beat of bhangra-english-hiphop and meeting lots of wonderful souls both locally and from abroad. I got piggybacked by a super tall dude halfway when dancing and the view from the top is insanely good! After showering twice, the colorful stain still linger on my face, hair, fingers, glasses and teeth! 

I am so colorful. 

I am so happy I met a bunch of crazy souls there! Everyone come from everywhere! Met Charles from France, David from Korea, Katy from US, just to name a few. :) 

Useful tips:
Never wear your favourite/ expensive clothes or undies.  
Unless you don't mind the stain lah. 

-Wash your skin/ hair regularly.
I didn't follow this rule so the stain on my skin, nails and scalp linger for few days. The organiser also suggest the use of skin lotion before the event for precaution. I heard the colour is harder to go off on brunettes and blondes so it''s best to wear a bandanna/ scaft on your head. ;) 

-Avoid the use of contact lens.
The colour powder and colour water can be uncomfortable when it gets into your eyes. Wear your glasses instead. Or just keep them away, and play blindly. +)

- Don't carry your bag with you.
You'll be getting wet, wild and dirty. So hand phones or any electronic gadgets should  be kept away. 

- Bring small change in your pocket.
To purchase the colour powder. It's RM 1 for a small packet. Gear up with your colour powder as it'll be a  bummer if you run out of money to buy more colour powder during the 'colour war'. ;D

-Bring a towel and a spare set of clothes.
To clean yourself after the event of course. But you can also purchase a towel there if you forgot to bring yours.

-Bring your fun weapon!
Time to dig out your water gun or pail to have some splashing fun!


Now that I'm still looking all vibrant and colourful, I hope the interviewer will fancy my colourful do tomorrow! I'll be having my AIESEC interview over skype. Wish me luck! ;D

Holi Festival,
it's nothing holy, 
just plain silly and fun!  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I made it to top 10 !!

The voice of the commentator of a football match from the TV fills the room.
 My eyes glued to the screen as my heart beats rapidly. During every commercial break, my uncle would come up to me and ask "Eh, so what is your position now??" 

"I don't know weih"

All I know is this: 

59 mins to go. 
59 mins to go. 
59 mins to go. 
59 mins to go. 

I hear myself chanting it repeatedly. 

My fingers battled with the keyboard, punching the keys in full speed, hitting the 'refresh' button over and over again, cheering in my heart as I watch the numbers increase... 


Congratulations to our top ten Contestents! They are:

Mehrdad Vaziri - 1977 votes
Ho Suet Mun - 1622 votes 
Michele Wee Sing Yee - 1341 votes 
Regine Tan Yun Ru - 1217 votes
Teaw Zhen Yang - 1205 votes
Chuan Ai Vee - 1199 votes
Kong Xie Shern - 1188 votes
Teng Yee Kuan - 1185 votes
Lim Ming Shiaw - 1162 votes
Ramesh a/l Yanalagaran - 1128 votes

For contestants who are not short-listed, we would like to thank you for your active participation. Your inspiring messages have indeed inspired a lot of people.

For Contestants who are short-listed, an email will be sent to you within a few days' time to brief you on a short interview that will be conducted by AIESEC in Malaysia. Stay tuned and do check your email!



I am one step closer to be part of The Global Community Developement Program by AIESEC!
A chance to win a 2 way air ticket  to either Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, China and a full waiver of program fees!

No, it's not a job.
It's a chance for me to volunteer my service in a 6 week program.

You can read more about it in my previous post, here:

I am really happy! 
I am really excited!


This is the thrilled face. Pls ignore the fact how retarded i look. (this is an old undated pic)

I thank you, each one of you, from the bottom of my heart,for all your support, voting for me, for believing in me. I couldn't have done it without the enormous support from my family, relative and friends, and a whole big bunch of people I may not know of, yet voted for me. I am really touched by all your efforts in making this happen. 

Here's a list of people who is such big help in getting a pool of people to vote for me. They are like my marketing managers. And they take their job seriously. No kidding. ;P

( In no particular order)

My siblings, 
Panjang brother Coconut and panjang sis Seaweed, campaigning for me night after night. Asking for updates for my current position and getting a pool of friends to vote for me. ;) 

My parents
Mum and dad despite being the super-paranoid-facebook users, started exploring facebook at a different level. Sharing my link on their wall is a big big break through. HAHAHAH! Mum even sms-ed her friends to remind them to vote for me. They have only a handful of facebook friends, 2 digit number only  but my mum's friends are really helpful in getting their children and children's friends to vote for me too! ;D

My cousins, uncles and aunties
Pinkle, Kaze, Hoshi, Livon, Eu Yang, Eu Jiun, Jeffrey, Jeremy Boey, Jin Shawn, Jin Keat, 'er yih', 'wu yih', 'biao yih'. 
A big big big thank you for spreading the word. Special thanks to Pinkle, the photographer of the picture I submitted. That picture goes well with the tagline, hehe. ;)

Aunty Sharon Lee
I always like reading your comments on my wall posts. So full of love and metta. Hee.

 Vienna Looi
My eggienutticrackiedumdieduo! You are one of the reason why I participate in this competition. You have been very very inspiring and motivating at the same time. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to challenge my limits.

Sunny Sakya
Supported me all the way from Nepal! You're really one sweet guy, way too humble, HAHA! You always make me laugh at your humorous messages. And is always the first to asked "aivee, how many votes now?" whenever I'm online. 

Grace Siah
My babe since high school. The first to know about the competition. The first few who voted for me. Hey, marketing student, you got to put what you learn in college for good use. HEHE! Always campaigning with me till the wee hours, a bucket full of thanks to you. <3

 Tan Zi Peng 
I got the support from AIESEC Singapore! HAHA! Thank you for listening to me ranting and mumbling, sharing with me really wise words of encouragement. Xie xie ni lah!

Chun Yeet, Jovina Ann,  Chow Wei Min, Yin Shu Hui
Whoa, kawan lama! My really good friends since 7 years old. Having the support from you all really means a lot to me. Special thanks to Mr Chun, for your trust in me, for the 'special magic'. I think I got a quite a number of votes from your long list of facebook friendssss. ;D

Jonathan Choi, Selva Kumar, Andrian Tam, Aaron Lui,  Reuben Tan, Elain Teoh, Sharlyn Christina, Charnice Chan, Helsheila Julis, Robyn Tung
Budak form 6! Jon, Tams, Aaron and Reubie, i like how you typed really cute cheeky message when sharing my picture. Hee. Jon, despite being very annoying at times, you're the big hero this time. Thank you for being the ears to my ranting at night, for constantly hypnotizing your bunch of friends to vote for me. Mr Kumar, who supported me all the way, like a lou sai! You always make me laugh at your silly lines.  

Yap Pei Qi
All the way from Canada, with a bucket full of love! You pulled me up when I'm drowning in the gloomy sea, sharing deep conversations with me. You seem to have some sort of magic tricks, erasing my frown and replacing it with carve of smile on my face. I owe you big time girl! 

Caryn Gan , Stephanie Aeria, How Tian, Anne, Mark Chan
Whooooo, cheers to The Ipoh BRATS '09! Good friends don't let you do crazy things alone. You guys are the epitome of wild lunatic youth in the outside, sweet and cuddly in the inside.. ;)

Khoo Nee Wern, Jason Teh, Jason Tee, Chim Hui Qing, Chen Yee Leong, Ming Rui, 
Biiancaa Yeoh, Debbie Liow, Brenda Tee, Vivian Toh, See Yeng, Moy Ken Yen, Aida
My dear kalyana mitras, who supported me all the way. Special thanks to Nee Wern, Sepet Leong, Teh and Tee for the spamming-for-a-good-cause. Thank you Sepet Leong for the advice before submitting my picture. ;)

Corinne Yeo, Chong Xin Yi, Jia Chie, Kenneth Cheah, Nicholas Eng, Chew Jing Chuan, Sebestian Kang, Ayyub Kamarudin, Khoo Jik Hao
Way to go, high school buddies! Growing an extra layer of epidermis on your face, the sole reason of getting people to vote for me, I can't thank you enough. Thank you Engs for the catchy tagline for the picture!  ;D

Andrew Ting, Szu-Shen
My seniors from duabelas who I always annoys then. You guys are so helpful. A thousand apologies and a million thanks to you! 

Gift , P' Tangy, P'Onn
All the way from Thailand! The support from you all really made my day! ;D

Ivan Tang
Huhuhu from AIESEC Curtin! Funny how I found you in facebook through this competition. hee.

Mei Shawn, Siau Thung, Landon Cheah, Vikram Menon, Yi Yan Cheong, Teoh Jae Mie, Melanie Cheah
My sincere gratitude to you for getting your friends to vote for me. ;)

With my VERY limited facebook friends, hitting 1199 votes is just mind blowing. Couldn't have done it without the endless support from all of you. :D I'll make sure I pass the interview and win this! ;D ;D ;D

Here's an ice cream you all deserve! Heeee.

p/s- I'm sorry if I left any names out. You know I am really thankful to each one of you. ;)

Now i hope my grandma doesn't pass by and see how silly i look grinning in front of my laptop!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Look ma, I have my own byline!

It's not often that I got myself a  byline for an event I cover from The Star! 

THE STAR R.AGE, 1 March 2012

Previously, it would be my name sitting among few others below the article, and it'll only be up in the internet.  

Though I was initially disappointed I couldn't cover the event with my usual team of Ipoh Brats '09, I am happy I went ahead anyway, along with Andrian Tam the photographer. ;) 

Seeing my article published in the paper with a byline by my own just made my day! 


Special thanks to Andrian Tam,  Nasa Entaban and  Jhue Vern. ;)

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

Not long ago, I started helping up in PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, distributing food to the homeless in Kuala Lumpur. I stumble upon this by chance, after hearing my dear friend, Alicia Ng sharing her experience helping up there one night. 

It was an enriching experience, so I wish to invite everyone to spare some time to volunteer your service there. I know there are some against the idea, claiming that we are doing them no good with the distribution of free food, etc. But please take some time and learn more about it, or come to one of our soup kitchen nights to experience it first hand. 

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen. It is managed by Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam Malaysia in 2010 with the initial support of Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur DiRaja and some individual sponsors. 

According to the official Facebook of Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, They exist to provide basic meals to those who go hungry, not because they are lazy or are looking for handouts, but because they simply cannot get enough          food or proper nutrition. Those in need include children, parents and elderly.

(photo credit to Danielzain from Pertiwi Soup kitchen's facebook)

How is the soup kitchen run?
The PERTIWI Soup Kitchen volunteers go around by a truck, distributing pre-packaged healthy meals to those in need in KL.There are about 3 main stops for the night, starting from the alley of Tunes Hotel at Chow Kit road to Kota Raya and Masjid India. Some times the food distribution is extend to Masjid Negara, Syed Putra and at times, Bangkok Bank near Pasar Seni.

Chat Conversation End

The pre-packed meals.

Ohhh, so PERTIWI Soup Kitchen don't serve soup and don't operate a kitchen?
Yes. No soup. No kitchen. You do know that the book 'Chicken Soup for the Soul', (a collection of short inspiring stories)  does not contain recipes of chicken soups right? PERTIWI Soup Kitchen runs by the mobile truck. They got sponsors from caterers. 

I'm a student, don't have much cash, but I wish to help. How?
You can contribute your time! Just bring yourself and an open heart. Come and volunteer your service for the night, that itself can make a difference. ;)

(image grabbed from the net)

Cool! When is it? 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night. Meet at Bangsar Jalan Maasor at 8.30pm. The volunteers will be packing the food before distributing them at the first stop which is the alley behind Tunes Hotel at 9pm. 

Yes i'm interested! How do I register?
 No registration needed. Just come to any of the days you are free: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night. 

Aunty Munirah, founder of Pertiwi Soup Kitchen. (photo credits Danielzain)

That's Alicia Ng, the girl in red. ;) 
Join us for a night and reach out to the homeless people.
 Just bring yourself and an open heart. ;D

                      Pertiwi Soup Kitchen is published in The Star in 2010. Click here for the article.

Information about the background of Pertiwi Soup Kitchen are from its official Facebook page.
Special thanks to Ridzwan Razalee.  :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why i join GCDP by AIESEC?

Hello lovelies! 

I recently joined a competition held by AIESEC that requires me to get the 'votes' through facebook to qualify for an interview for the Global Community Development Program (GCDP) organised by AIESEC. 

What is AIESEC?
AIESEC  is the world’s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders. It is run by youth, for the youth. 

What is Global Community Development Program (GCDP)?
It's a program where you volunteer your service abroad by engaging in an impactful project for about 6 weeks. There are several types of volunteer based projects  like HIV/AIDS, Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Understanding and Social Development. 

What competition is it?
The top 10 with the highest 'LIKES' in facebook qualifies for an interview. Only two winners will be selected to received a full waiver of program fees (RM400) and fully sponsored two way air tickets for Global Community Development Program to fly from Malaysia to either Vietnam, Philippines, China, Cambodia  or Taiwan. 

Three winners will received a full waiver of program fees (RM 400). 

Okay, okay, so so Why I join GCDP by AIESEC???

I simply want to help. 
As cliche and as cheesey as I may sound, I simply can't think of any 'fancyful' answer to it.

I was inspired, hence I want to inspire others.
In 2010, i attended the Red Alert conference held by AIESEC ,  a conference about HIV/AIDS. I met a bunch of really kind souls who are really passionate about the promoting the cause. There are some international delegates there as well, and they were all there, putting aside their cultural differences, with the same mission: To fight HIV/ AIDS. I also hear stories and read testimonials by friends who benefited from GCDP. I want to bring hope and change to the community out there. To start a ripple effect to the people out there. My recent trip to Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, (where you volunteer to feed the homeless), further pushes me to go for it. ;D

I want to challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone.
Enough of just sitting and waiting for a change to happen. I want to do my part and make a change.
I have always wanted to do it after hearing so much about it but never have the guts to applied. Maybe I was afraid of the cold harsh reality, that poverty does exist around us; that there are little girls are denied of an education because of gender discrimination; that our earth is indeed dying, sufferings... Maybe because I grow up being protected, I was naive and see all things pretty and beautiful. But ignorance wont change a thing, so i want to create a change.

I want to meet new people and experience their culture.
I always enjoyed meeting new people, of diverse background. It gives me a glimpse of the world outside, learning about their culture and sharing mine. It gives me a chance to travel abroad, which I don't really have a chance to due to family financial restrictions. I am looking forward to the new experience I can gain from this program. 

It will lessen the burden on the travel cost
As mentioned earlier, winners selected after an interview will received a full waiver of program fees (RM400) and fully sponsored two way air tickets. Hence, travel cost would be minimal. ;) 


If you want to know more about Global Community Development Program by AIESEC, click here. 
Click here to learn more about the GCDP process. 
Click here for the application form for GCDP. 

Alrighto, so how do you vote for me?
Click here to vote for me.
Just click 'LIKE' at the picture. Yes with that one click, I am one step closer in realising my dream. And i will be a happy happy child. ;D
Easy bitsy, no?

Please give me the opportunity to step up and carry out this task. 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

I pledged to be an organ donor, have you?

Last week, when Sharmila Nair of Sharm-on-the-scene from The Star R.AGE asked if I would to be interviewed on the issue about 'Organ Donation', I couldn't help but agree right away. 
Organ donation had always been something I wish more youth can be more aware about. I remembered when I first signed up to be an organ donor, there are some who frown upon my act. There are others who brush it aside when I talk about it, thinking that talking about 'organ donation' is like discussing about your 'death'. Nevertheless, there are also a handful of my friends who really support my decision and wants to do the same after they got the consent from their parents. 

The myths about organ donation should be put aside to save life. 

You can read my side of story here in the article  written by Sharmila Nair published on 15 February 2012 in The Star R.AGE: 

FOUR years ago, Chan Jin Feng did not know if he would live to see his 22nd birthday. A game of futsal or a movie were the furthest things from his mind. It had seemed like he was at death’s door.
He had been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure which caused his body to retain toxic waste.

* Jin Feng *
“The doctors said that I could’ve died if I hadn’t been to the hospital when I did. I had to undergo dialysis to remove the toxins from my body. I had to focus on staying alive,” said Jin Feng, 25.
He underwent dialysis three times a week and each four-hour session was painful and uncomfortable.
“I had two big needles inserted in me, to obtain my blood for an artificial kidney to ‘cleanse’ it from toxins before returning it to my body,” said Jin Feng.
He was often lethargic and couldn’t lead an active, normal life. “I missed out on doing so many things with my friends and felt left out. I couldn’t believe that it was happening to me,” added Jin Feng, who resigned to his fate as a sickly young man.
But all that changed when he found a suitable kidney donor – his mother.
“The doctors suggested kidney transplant two years after my diagnosis as they wanted me to get stable before undergoing a major organ transplantation. My mum didn’t hesitate when she was told that she was a perfect donor.”
Jin Feng underwent the transplant about two years ago and is now practically a new man. He is wasting no time making up for all the fun he missed out on when he was sick and is doing everything that he was unable to do before.
“I am able to go out and pursue my dream career as a network engineer, and enjoy holidays all over the world. I can go out to watch movies and be with my friends. I never thought I would be able to lead a normal life again.
“I am really grateful that my mother didn’t hesitate to be my living donor. She gave me life – twice,” said Jin Feng.
Unfortunately, Jin Feng’s is one of the few lucky cases in Malaysia.
“Not many patients are able to find suitable living donor candidates among their family members and have to rely on the public for cadaveric organ donation instead. That is why organ donation is important,” said National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC) chief national transplant procurement manager Datin Dr Lela Yasmin Mansor.
Most patients don’t just require kidneys, they are also in need of new lungs, hearts, livers, eyes and even skin to help lead a better life, and in some cases keep alive.
“A majority of our donors are cadaveric and are not even organ donor card carriers. The donation after death is actually initiated by family members,” she said.
Last year 27,205 Malaysians pledged to donate their organs after death, a 37% increase from the previous year.
The number of cadaveric donors also increased by 24% from 38 organ and tissue donors in 2010 to 47 in 2011.
Lela Yasmin said this resulted in three heart and lung transplants, seven liver transplants, 40 kidney transplants and 64 corneal transplants.
“Our organs can be used to help others and it won’t just benefit the recipients but their family members and society as well. We need more people to pledge as organ donors and have families that allow organs to be donated after their loved one’s death,” she added.

Making the pledge
Pledging as organ donors is not something we need to do in our old age or deathbeds. It can be done anytime in our lifetime.
Even those under 18 can pledge as organ donors provided they have the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

* Aivee *
Chuan Aivee was 19 when she pledged as an organ donor. In 2009, she had read stories about how organ donation saved the life of heart transplant patient Tee Hui Yee and the stranger’s act of kindness inspired her to do the same one day.
Last year, she made the pledge.
“When we die, we are going to leave our body behind anyway. Why let the organs rot when they could be used to save someone’s life?” said Aivee, 20.
The STPM school-leaver was also inspired by Singapore’s Human Organ Transplant Act (Hota) under which a person is assumed to have agreed to donate his kidneys, heart, liver and corneas when he dies, unless he has signed an opt-out form.
“Everybody in Singapore is considered an organ donor, unless they opt out of it. It’s the opposite here and it shouldn’t be that way. More people should sign up as organ donors,” she said.
Carmen Wong, a Marketing Communication student chanced upon an organ donation campaign in her college two years ago. She had just watched a documentary on that topic a few days prior to that, and took it as a sign to pledge as a organ donor.
“Our bodies are just physical things anyway. If other people could benefit from my death, then why not?” said Carmen, 22.
She immediately signed up as a donor and decided to donate body parts such as eyes, lungs, heart, liver and skin.
However, Carmen admitted that as she was signing up, she had morbid images of a disfigured body without its major organs in a coffin.
“That is one of the biggest misconception people have regarding cadaveric organ donation.
“There is no disfigurement whatsoever. The procurement is done so carefully that an open casket funeral is actually possible,” said Lela Yasmin.
She added that another misconception many people have regarding organ donation is that it is against the religion.
“Every religion promotes kindness and giving. Organ donation is the last donation you can do in your life.”

What does religion say?
In truth, most major religions support the act of organ donation. However, there have been several disputes regarding this issue among Muslims, as some claim that organ donation is not allowed.
According to ex-Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Azri Zainal Abidin, organ donation is actually encouraged in Islam.
“There are several criteria a Muslim should think about before donating their organs. They have to ensure that all of the conditions are met before an organ could be taken out of their body,” said Mohd Azri.
The conditions are that organ donation can only be considered if there is no other way of saving a patient’s life. The procedure should not endanger the donor’s life and cannot be done for monetary, glamour or popularity reasons.
He also added that the donation should not be made for any kind of medical researches as that act is considered as done in vain.
“If you are willing to do this for the sole reason of saving another life, then go for it. The donation should be done out of the donor’s own willingness and mustn’t be forced in any way,” he said.
Mohd Azri also added that the donor should consult their family members before signing up as an organ donor.
“It is better to tell your relatives of your noble intention before you sign up for anything. Funeral is a serious matter and it should not be disrupted because of a dispute over organ donation.”

Family matters
When Carmen pledged as a donor, she didn’t stop to think about asking for her parents’ permission as she thought it was a personal choice. However, she also believed that her parents wouldn’t disapprove of her decision.
“They were shocked when I told them but they respected my choice. And I’m sure that – touch wood – if anything were to happen to me, they would honour my wishes.”
Aivee, on the other hand, called her parents a couple of times to make sure that they agreed with her decision. They didn’t stop her and in fact wanted to sign up as organ donors themselves.
Family’s approval is crucial when it comes to organ donation as there have been cases where family members deny the hospital from harvesting a donor’s organs. In such cases, the family’s final decision is respected.
“At the end of the day, the family has a say about the donation. We believe that things should be given with blessings and not taken by force. If family members are absolutely against the harvesting of the organs after death, we often respect their wishes,” said Lela Yasmin.
However, she added that lack of knowledge is main reason why people are still wary of donating their organs.
“Fear is what that’s stopping people from doing something that comes naturally to them – helping others. People should get the right information about organ donation and talk about it, discuss it with other people and promote awareness.”

Last night, when this article was published in the paper, I got calls and messages from excited friends telling me that they spotted me in paper. They were telling me how proud they were of my act. But really, there is no need to be. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to go to the internet to sign up. It's not an impossible feat or whatsoever. It takes less than 3 minutes to fill the form. Pretty effortless. I personally signed up during an event in my Sunday School held by my temple. 

I pledged to be an organ donor, have you?
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